Sunday, February 27, 2011

I obviously have nothing against Trannys. Its not PC to, and I honestly understand their plight, sort of. I get men wanting to be women, bit can't wrap my mind around women wanting to be men. During the required counseling pre-op someone should inform the wanna be males that their IQ in fact drops the moment of penis attachment. Balls drop, logic drops. With all that said my little sister has renamed herself Jimmy and asks Santa for a penis yearly. She also raps under the pseudonym, "yo peace out dude". My step mother is a horder. I have spent many hours looking for a pattern to mo ava. 20 Jars of peanut butter, 86 cans of the same type of canned vegetable, 15 boxes of Cindy Crawford wrinkle reducer facial kits (50 dollars each), and the list goes on. It is as though she is trying to stave off hunger and aging, for a group of pygmies.

My brother is an obsessive hand washer and germophobe.

and somehow i still manage to be the crazy one.

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