Sunday, February 27, 2011

I obviously have nothing against Trannys. Its not PC to, and I honestly understand their plight, sort of. I get men wanting to be women, bit can't wrap my mind around women wanting to be men. During the required counseling pre-op someone should inform the wanna be males that their IQ in fact drops the moment of penis attachment. Balls drop, logic drops. With all that said my little sister has renamed herself Jimmy and asks Santa for a penis yearly. She also raps under the pseudonym, "yo peace out dude". My step mother is a horder. I have spent many hours looking for a pattern to mo ava. 20 Jars of peanut butter, 86 cans of the same type of canned vegetable, 15 boxes of Cindy Crawford wrinkle reducer facial kits (50 dollars each), and the list goes on. It is as though she is trying to stave off hunger and aging, for a group of pygmies.

My brother is an obsessive hand washer and germophobe.

and somehow i still manage to be the crazy one.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I've been running all my life. The older I grow the more often I become winded. And as if a rubber-band were attached to my life, it comes back and hits me in the ass. About the time I land flat on my back I realize I have no idea where I am. I've been going without actually participating. My mind always in the future. My memories are in what will happen, not what has. Where am I and how did I get here? And occasionally , who is the clown grunting like a slain ox on top of me?

Life will be worth living.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A veritable cornucopia of writers reading their own work

Penn Sound.
She blocks it out to reinvent her life. In her illusion she was a hero but burdened by corcumstance. In my vivid recollections she was young and selfish. I suffered for years alone and afraid. You can't burst the bubble that surrounds those in denial because along with air reality escapes as well.

Friday, February 18, 2011

temporary insanity. visiting the USA

"I would give anything to have that happen again," my grandmother said, her eyes lighting up, a crystallized teal.

"What would you like to happen grandma?"

"An orgasm in my sleep. That was some good shit."

She took a long drag from her Virginia slim cigarette and ran her hand over one of her white pigtails.

"Ah, okay," I smiled to my mother who was enthusiastically grinning over the subject.

"The bitch is on the porch," my grandmother looked at the back door. My mother stood up to let the dog inside.

"Your mother used to masturbate in her crib when she was a baby. She would straddle the crib bars and just start kicking her legs and grunting. I would ask her, 'what the hell are you doing, kid?'"

"Who knows, mom" my mother's face was pink as she tried not to laugh.

"Weird, mom." I checked my phone for a text message.

"It's normal."

"Oh, sure, sure mom."

"So," my grandmother asked, "how's Italy?"

Saturday, February 12, 2011

SACI Art Installation - The Beautiful Uncut Hair of Graves

SACI post-bac students Jon Verney and Macey Ley invite you to experience a recent art installation called The Beautiful Uncut Hair of Graves, exploring outer and inner landscapes. It includes original writing from both artists and offers a unique experience. If you come on the weekend, please stop by my studio so I can take you to the installation. On the 1st floor of the Jules Maidoff building, hang a left, through the door until you get to the terrace, I'm the door on the right. You're in the right spot if you see birds and nests everywhere.

Scheduled viewing times:

Sat. 02/12:  3-5:30pm
Sun. 02/13: 2-4pm
Mon. 02/14: 4:30-6pm
Tues. 02/14: 4:30-7:30pm

SACI - Palazzo Jules Maidoff
Via S. Egidio
1st Floor - Post-Bac Studio Space

Hope to see you there - Macey

Monday, February 7, 2011
Hey guys, thought I'd put this up to hear some feedback. It's hopefully getting published soon in the next issue of a local zine started up by some friends from home

Wanda's Song

Wanda waited at the window
For Benny to come around the bend
Skipping and singing a tune
On a warm afternoon
For Wanda to be wed
For Benny to lay with her in bed

While at that time up in the mountains
Mocking bird was mocking all along
That bird mocks every man
And takes everything with his song

And everyone knows about the coyots'
How they cry at the moon
When the wind is weightless
Well and the air has stung
They moan the name of the loved one

To the tune of the twisted trees
And the cry of the coyotes
Wanda fell to her knees
And though she begs and though she pleas
Benny had gone to the mountains to rest in peace
And the mocking bird mocks relentlessly along
Taking everything with his song

- Joelle Diane