Monday, September 12, 2011


Just tried writing a Petrarchan sonnet for my Adv Creative Writing class-- I hadn't written a sonnet in FOREVER, so this was a pretty difficult one.  I'm pretty happy with how it turned out though, and as always feedback is welcome!


I’ve devoured your body every day
from the first time I grasped you in my hand
(your taste can’t be found in just any land).
Golden skin, striking smells, all that won’t betray;
your massive, meaty, and pinkened fillet—
such firmness is always in high demand.
Our love, a blaze, continuously fanned,
or so I assumed until your display.
Scarfing down Wok Chang’s take-out, so slimy;
it drips down my throat, into my hip bones.
Junk that should last for all its rumored flack,
Oily and dense enough to make me weigh
as much as a handful of pebbles; stones
batter against my ruined stomach-sack.

Battering ‘gainst my ruined stomach-sack
remnants of worlds long forgotten crash in
nauseating waves of ripe red, akin
to pomegranate seeds— translucent; black
like the bile in her throat making her crack
and break down enough to manage saimin.
She basked in the haze achieved through some gin
so when he called she did not call back.
The savory smell of an apple tart,
ambrosial steak cooked medium rare,
both of those dishes once tasted divine
before a food-loving boy broke her heart
before, when food could drown any despair,
before, when everything tasted sublime.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cast Away by Alexander Newman

Hey guys, thought I just share with you my latest poem that I did in high school. Quick introductory, this poem is about the moment when I just found out I got into the high school I wanted to go to, but later finding out that my closest friend was going somewhere else. I was completely shocked and upset by that moment, therefore I looked back at all the moments we had together but couldn't figure out why.  But in the end I moved on, and I learned a lot from that moment. So enjoy.

Cast Away

Snow, garden of white tiles,
glow from the streaks of the sun.
The sun filters in the vertical blinds,
stacking darkness into pillars of 
narrow poles, allowing the glow stain
the room into white. I race to the phone,
as my shadow slalom between the lights
and the blind’s shadows.

A fog of sounds, from the phone,
Slither across the room. I pose,
Waiting for the voice to be answered.
My shoulders smiling, right hand
Wrenching the phone, left hand
Possessing the letter and my breath
Crackling through the phone.
Narrow hives, patterned and emptied,
Spits with voices.
Your ears awoke, as they were hiding
Behind the phone, listening for my
Resonating voice.
You finally responded, rippling with
Soon after the talk, I hung up,
Batter the phone, and dash away

I began to grasp for the doorknob with
My hands. The doorknob began to sail
Away, making it harder for me to hook onto
The knob. I began to drown, The door 
Unfolds and exhales a gust of thin air. 

Cold grey rain crashes over the yard, leaving
Stain marks onto the ground. Grey Cloud’s 
Shadows eclipse the sunlight, drowning it
Into the horizon. The scents of burning
Leaves hover over the cold night, sailing into
The sky. You traverse out onto the yard,
Leaving me to a surprise.

Our Feet’s etches onto the rug of leaves,
Hearing the crisp leaves as we shuffle our
Way across the yard. You grip onto me, and
Began to stare.

Our eyebrows are at war, our eyes squint 
with pain, and we are tied together. Your 
sandy hair swings like grass mourning. And 
Your arms tackle me down
onto a piles of leaves.
Lastly, You hover over right next to me
Your face, blooming flowers,
Smiles and began to search up into
The dark clouds and shadows of the sky,
You saw a fork in the cloud, splitting clouds
Into two trails that fades into the sea
Of stars.  I then whisper to you,
 “What do you see?”
You kept your lips sealed, but raised.

You began to untie you hand from mine.
My shoulders began to frown, and 
My hand start to cry away from yours.
Tears flood my eyes, and one then
Release and sail away like a leaf floating
To the ground, as if it was the first sign of
Autumn. I watch you leave, as the wind
Blows you away into dust particles,
Diffusing over the yard,
Casting away from me.