Monday, February 10, 2014

"So this is where I now eat" by Marisa Sobel

Since it looks like this is the first post from our class, here's a poem to kick off the new semester!

So this is where I now eat. 

Gross at first, your grime
made my skin crawl. That
periwinkle color, time-
less. The small teapot
that makes coffee—sublime.

Open the window for your lack
of ventilation makes me sweat
when I cook, somehow turning black
the red onion that made me cry.
Many mosquitos, which I whack.

Camouflaged next to the sink, the fridge sits
beside the machine that sounds
as if about to explode on the fritz.
Overflowing with bottles and cans,
kitchen chairs creaking, making me loose my wits.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Too much writing not enough pictures on this page. Look what you can do with a poem and photoshop! Try one of your own and post it. This one's by your fearless leader, Lee Foust.