Sunday, November 28, 2010

An Update

Hello everyone,

As we patiently await the first student posting, I just wanted to say that I've now sent out an official invitation to join this blog as authors to all of the SACI CW students with whom I am still in contact through facebook in the form of an email. Any class alumni who find this blog on their own are more than invited to join up as authors. You will need to send me your email address and I will officially invite you and then you can begin posting right away. My email is In the coming weeks I will go back over my old enrollment sheets--20 classes! 10 years of Creative Writing!--and see if I can't find and invite even more students to participate. Help me if you can. Who do you remember from your class and/or with whom are you still in contact? Most importantly, let's get this going! I'm dying to hear what you've been up to and to read some poetry and fiction. Accept your invitation and join the group, be sure and put yourself down also as a follower, read and comment upon whatever texts are posted. Let's get this going.

Thanks, Lee

PS Nice use of the double dash, eh?

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