Sunday, November 28, 2010

i am

Here is a poem.


i am
when i feel the
sun set
when my dripping
sap freezes
when i bear
the common bullet
when our
teeth grind
tongues clench
antlers lock


and I really liked the spoken word link you posted, Lee.
That man's voice is haunting.


  1. Thanks, Nathan! Nice one.

    Gil Scott-Heron has been around a long time--began as poet, been a songwriter, sometimes a mix of the two, most of his stuff is worth more than a listen. Why don't you make a little post about your book? Maybe a link for purchase? I certainly want one!


  2. Having read this a few times now I think that I would cut the word/line "only." Nicely done, Nathan, it holds up well to multiple readings. Lee