Thursday, October 18, 2012

a week's worth

october 12th
cold wet hands fall from
 storms winds, slapping night with our
first brisk evening

october 13th
a bird's song, nature's
gentle melody, whistles
warmth at starlight

october 14th
west of ocean winds
calm seas and hot sands hide from
changing seasons

october 15th
golden autumn sun
sneaks though oaks, pines, recalling
outdoor nostalgia

october 16th
sunken old shorelines --
fall's low, low tides reveal
their hidden treasures

october 17th
wrinkly, worn-out soles
embrace the barefoot comfort
of grassy backyards

october 18th
desert dryness sweeps
the already dead landscape
blowing heat offshore


  1. These are getting better as you go along--keep flex' those poetic muscles! (Two thumbs up!)

    1. that's the idea - practicing everyday as i'm getting back into writing shape.